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What is the difference between a trellis, arbor and pergola?
Although the terms often are used interchangeably, there really are differences between each. A trellis is usually latticework that supports climbing plants. It can be attached to the side of a home or it can be freestanding in a garden. An arbor often incorporates a trellis into its structure and features latticework on both sides, often in an arched shape, creating a tunnel-like feel. Pergolas are sometimes designed to support climbing plants, but pergolas include posts that support a roof-like structure. They’re most commonly used to provide shade for a deck or pathway.

Can I attach a pergola or arbor to my house?
Yes, we attach these to your home just like a deck.

What is the best site for my pergola?
It’s good to keep in mind that your pergola will look different from various vantage points. So take a little time to check out the sight lines from the house, the interior windows, and any other point from which the pergola will be viewed. If you can see the top of the pergola from a second-floor window, for example, we recommend routing wires or conduit for a ceiling fan so that they’re hidden. Will the pergola block the view of a favorite shrub or ornamental tree? Will it look crowded in the corner? We can discuss any concerns you have and make initial recommendations when we meet with you.

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Arbors, Pergolas & Trellis' Frequently Asked Questions

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